Donation Procedure for Convalescent Plasma Donors

It’s Easier Than You Think!

Plasma Donors are Essential during COVID-19

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Before you arrive to the center to donate:

1. Verify You're Eligible to Donate Before Arriving

State of the art plasma donation center!

State of the art plasma donation center!

Donor requirements:

a) Donors must be between the ages of 18 – 69 and weigh at least 110 lbs.
b) Must be in overall good health.
c) Show a valid Social Security Number.
d) Need to have a valid photo I.D. (ie. driver’s license, student or military I.D.).
e) Show proof of your current address (ie. utility bill, phone bill, etc.)
f) Received a nasal or blood test confirming COVID-19.*
g) Be symptom-free for 14 days.

*Scantibodies is not offering COVID-19 testing to qualify individuals for this program. Proof of nasal or blood test confirming COVID-19 is required to participate.

NOTE: Document must have donors name on it and date must be within the last 60 days.

Call: 619-258-8220 and schedule your appointment now!

2. Prepare Yourself Physically to Donate (The Day Before Your Donation)
Eat healthy before your donation

Eat healthy before your donation

a) Drink lots of water the day before and the day of your donation, eat a nutritionally balanced meal avoiding alcohol & caffeine.
b) It is recommended to avoid high-cholesterol or fatty foods, like hotdogs, fried foods, cheeses, whole milk, etc.
c) Drinking lots of water after you have donated will help to replenish your fluids.

When you arrive at the center to donate:

Step 1: Check In for Your Appointment.
Check in for your appointment

Check in for your appointment

a) Please have your photo I.D. and proof of Social Security number ready when you check in.
b) You will also need to show proof of your current address (ie. utility or phone bill).
c) You will then need to fill out a simple questionnaire.
d) Last we will take a photo of you to keep with your donation record.

Step 2: Medical Screening Process
Small Blood Sample

Small Blood Sample


a) We will take your vital signs, weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature to determine your donor suitability.
b) We will collect a sample of blood to measure the protein levels in your plasma through a small drop of blood collected by a pinprick on one of your fingertips.
c) Last, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your medical history.

Screening-Medical Questionnaire

Screening-Medical Questionnaire

Step 3: Physical Exam of Donor
Physical Exam

Physical Exam

a) One of our medical staff will examine you to obtain a more complete medical assessment, and a medical history interview, to determine if it is appropriate for you to donate plasma. We recommend that you visit your personal physician regularly, our medical procedures are not meant to replace your routine medical care.
b) Once your donor record is prepared, you will be ready for your plasma donation.

Step 4: Donate Plasma
Plasma Donation ( plasmapheresis )

Plasma Donation ( plasmapheresis )


a) You can now make your first donation of plasma in a very relaxing donor lounge in our state-of-the-art donation area.
b) Our highly trained staff will prepare you for the collection of your plasma.
c) All the supplies which are used for collection of your plasma are sterile and one-time use. They are discarded after every use.

Step 5: Care After Donating
a) You will be asked to wait for approx. 5 min. after donating to let your body adjust to the change in your blood volume.
b) Plasma regenerates very quickly, typically between 24-48 hours after donating and there are no side effects from donating.
c) It is important to take care of yourself after donating your plasma.
d) Eating after your donation helps to replenish your blood volume and give you energy.
e) The Scantibodies Biologics staff are here for you to assist you in any way possible to ensure you have a pleasant donation experience.
Step 6: Get $$ and Schedule Next Appointment
a) When you check out of the donation center you will receive cash.
b) Also, at check out you can schedule your next donation appointment.

Operation Hours

Monday - Friday 6:30am – 7:15pm

Appointments New Donors:
7:00am - 3:00pm

Appointments Returning Donors:
6:30am - 7:15pm

Weekend Hours

Appointments New Donors:
6:30am - 11:00am

Appointments Returning Donors
6:30am - 1:30pm


Sunday - Closed