Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you do not find the answer to your question please feel free to contact us by email at donations@scantibodies.com or by phone at: 619-440-0283 

What is plasma and what is it used for?

Plasma is part of the blood. There’s no substitute for human blood. It cannot be manufactured. Plasma is used to make medicines, vaccines, surgical glue and laboratory controls.

Plasma medicines help burn victims, trauma victims, hemophiliacs, people with genetic lung disease and problems of the immune system.

What is plasmapheresis?

It is the procedure for collecting plasma. Blood is drawn through a sterile, single use tubing set to the automated system, which separates and collects the plasma and then safely returns the remaining blood back to you.

This is usually 30 – 45 minute procedure. Donor safety is our top priority! All items used in your donations process are “one time use.”

What are the possible reactions?

While rare, there are possible side effects of donating plasma: The most common problem is a drop in blood pressure, which cause lightheadedness or dizziness.

Bruising may also happen around the venipuncture site.

Most risks can be controlled by knowing what to do before and after donation.

What to do before and after donation?
  • Hydrate well by drinking plenty of fluids and eat a healthy meal (high in protein and iron.)
  • Rest well.
  • Avoid drinking hot or cold beverages immediately prior to donation this will affect your temperature reading.
  • Avoid fatty foods.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking
How often can I donate?

Regular donors who are healthy may donate up to twice in a 7 day period with at least two days between donations.

How long does it take to donate plasma?

Your initial visit is your longest. When you come to the center for the first time you are required to go through a screening process for your safety and the safety of those who will benefit from your life saving plasma.

Depending on how busy the center is this can range from 3-4 hours. Once you’re a regular donor your donation time will decrease to about 1 hour.

How am I compensated for my plasma donation?

New Donors are paid $100 cash for the first week of 2 donations ($40 cash for the first donation and $60 cash for the second donation.)

After that second donation a donor is considered a returning donor.

Returning donors are paid $60 cash per week ($25 cash for the first donation during a Sunday through Saturday 7 day week and $35 for the second donation within that 7 day week.)

How does the referral program work?
  1. You must be an active Scantibodies Biologics Plasma Center Donor
  2. Up to $80.00 cash for each referral. That’s $10 for their first 8 donations in a 30 day period.

How to register your referral:

  • Call 619-440-0283 and provide your referrals full name and phone number, you will get a referral confirmation number.
  • We will call your referral to schedule their first appointment. (referral walk-ins NOT allowed)
  • You will get $10 for each of your referrals donations, the first 8 times they donate within a 30 day period.
  • Encourage your referrals to keep donating two times a week for you to get the full referral cash.
  • No soliciting of new donors on Scantibodies’ property allowed.
  • New donors with previously scheduled appointments are excluded.
  • Any individual may be excluded at management discretion.
  • This program can be eliminated at anytime per management discretion.
Do you have transportation to and from the border?

YES! We offer FREE transportation to and from the San Ysidro border crossing for any one who is wanting to become a donor or is already a donor.

Our San Ysidro office is located near the border crossing at : 4630 Border Village Road Suite 205, San Ysidro, CA  92173 or call us at: 619-440-0283.

What is Albumin?

Albumin (human) is a concentrate of plasma proteins from human blood. It works by increasing plasma volume or serum albumin levels.

Treating a variety of conditions, including shock due to blood loss in the body, burns, low protein levels due to surgery or liver failure, and as an additional medicine in bypass surgery. It may be used for certain conditions as determined by your doctor.

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