Donor Referral Program

Get Extra Cash for Referring Your Friends & Family!

Referral Bonus

You can get EXTRA CASH  for referring your friends and family. Up to $80 per referral!  (Don’t forget, they get cash too!)



How does it work?
1. You must be an active Scantibodies Biologics Plasma Center Donor
2. Up to $80.00 cash for each referral. That’s $10 for their first 8 donations in a 30 day period.
How to register your referral:
· Call 619-440-0283 and provide your referrals full name and phone number, you will get a referral confirmation number.
· We will call your referral to schedule their first appointment. (referral walk-ins NOT allowed)
· You will get $10 for each of your referrals donations, the first 8 times they donate within a 30 day period.
· Encourage your referrals to keep donating two times a week for you to get the full referral cash.